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Duties and Services

1. Establish a food safety management scheme to ensure safe and quality foods are delivered to consumers 

2. Drive changes and continuous improvement in align with global food safety management systems and


3. Drive for continuous improvement in enhancing services and quality offered by entire food supply chain
4. Conduct professional training, academic research and promotion to enhance industry standard on food safety
5. Establish a mutual communication platform for members
6. Others in accordance with TQF mission
1. Provide consultation for food sanitation and safety regulation and labelling
2. Establish TQF product certification scheme via on-line registration

3. Provide consultation on FDA's regulation for  supplier compulsory entry to "Food Traceability System",

   which will covers upstream tracing and downstream tracking of ingredients, production, processing,

   distribution and sales 

4. Provide consumers a platform to consult food safety requirments  
5. Promote TQF product certification scheme
6. Promote food industry self-regulation and international standards gearing